10 Everyday Habits that Make You Look Ugly To Women

Ever since the age of rulers and kingdoms, appearance has been very important. The kings would have a different attire from the ministers, the soldiers would have different clothing from maids and cooks. The general population would have a basic attire they would wear most days. It has always been important for us to look the best we possibly can to have any sort of influence or gain respect. We judge each other based on our appearances and dressing sense without even knowing it. For us to be happy and confident within our own bodies, we need to look good on the outside. Putting thought into our appearance is the best way to improve prospects. Whenever we are looking our best, people around us make a better impression of us. It makes it clear to other people that we maintain our appearance and carry ourselves well. In all other aspects of life too, maintaining our appearance is important as it makes our lives better. We can land job opportunities, find life partners, and do various other things. Not just that, presenting ourselves properly makes other people think that we are very well-organized and efficient at our tasks. We seem responsible for others to trust us. A good salesman, a good lawyer, and the CEO of a company will always be nicely dressed and look presentable.

            People do a lot of things wrong which causes others around to think adversely of them. A few of those things include picking your nose, not maintaining proper personal hygiene, biting your nails, dressing improperly, or not having control over your temper. All of these things make you look unpresentable and poorly organized. Not only is maintaining personal hygiene important to keep a good impression, but it is also always good to keep your body in the healthiest state possible. Staying organized and dressing properly is also very important for when you have an upcoming job interview or date. Not being dressed correctly or tidily, will make a bad impression on your potential employer or date. As the famous quote goes, “The first impression is the last impression”. Developing a good first impression is key to having a future relationship or acquaintance with anyone. First impressions are based on a wide range of characteristics such as gender, age, race, culture, accent, physical appearance, posture, voice, etc. Not all of these are up to us. Although we have to take it upon ourselves at the end of the day to maintain what we can and change what we can. Doing so will enable us to have a good first impression of someone and help us building a relationship with them.

1) Skipping daily showers

If you think that taking showers every alternative day is healthy and does not affect your body odour, you’re wrong! Not taking showers every day results in a build up of sweat and dirt, causing you to stink!

2) Not brushing your teeth everyday

Being in a habit of not brushing and flossing your teeth everyday causes bad breath and people will generally try to be away from you, especially women. Use mouthwash after every meal and remember to brush your teeth.

3) Untidy clothing

It is never pleasant for the eye to see a folding mark in your clothes. It shows that you did not make any effort before going out. Always remind yourself to iron your clothes before stepping out. It makes you look neat and fresh.

4) Dirty and unkept hair

Greasy looking hair is never nice to touch or feel. Remember to shampoo your hair twice a week in the minimum. Also make sure you always have properly styled or combed hair. Visit your barber and get regular trims.

5) Scratching or adjusting your privates

A woman never wants to see you adjust or scratch your private areas. Make sure to stay hygienic and clean them correctly. Remember to not fiddle with them or touch them when in public.

6) Use of foul language

Using foul language in public or wherever you are with a woman, repels them and makes you look uncivilized. Make a habit of not swearing at all even when you are alone, it will surely help when you are in public.

7) Smoking or chewing tobacco

With more people being educated and learning about the dangers that come with smoking tobacco, less people are accepting towards it. If you are a smoker, have the courtesy to ask their permission to smoke near them. Do the same if you chew tobacco. Do not spit the tobacco near or around them.

8) Being rude to others

Just because you are not swearing, it does not mean that you should be rude to people in public. Women want you to be gentle and be caring towards everyone. Treat people with kindness and provide a helping hand whenever you can.

9) Being negative

No one wants to be around people who are pessimistic and think that the worst will happen all the time. Women want to be around someone whom they can have fun with. Be positive and talk about positive things.

10) Not being attentive

Women want someone who listens to them and understands them. They will not appreciate you if you do not listen to them. Be attentive and listen to what they are saying even if it bores you to death.

If you want to be a woman’s man, you have to follow all the steps above to keep them. Make it a habit to follow the above guidelines and it will help you with females and model you into a better and much caring person. At the end of the day, we as humans on this earth, should live each day to its fullest and keep trying to improve. With the right amount of confidence and guidelines for maintenance, you can keep growing and win over countless opportunities life throws at you.

Self-care is very important for our minds as well as bodies. You, along with the people surrounding you, will enjoy your company. Self-care comes before caring or being responsible for anyone else. Care for yourself and you will make a great partner. Along with that, you will also develop many relationships that will significantly impact your life. 

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