10 Things That Are Making You Look More Feminine

 We live in a more advanced and accepting world than before. People are allowed more freedom in terms of their sexual preference and genders. A lot more men choose to dress and act in a more feminine manner as a reason of their sexual orientation. But if you are a straight male, and want to attract beautiful women, you cannot be doing or wearing things that make you look feminine. Women are naturally attracted towards dominant and alpha males. The men that assert power and influence.

Men do feminine things without even realizing it. But women do notice. If you get sharp and plucked eyebrows from the salon, women will not be sexually attracted to you but will see you more as a friend with whom they gossip about boys, nails and pretty dresses. Adopting a more masculine approach towards your fashion sense, posture, manners and tone will avoid any instances of looking feminine.

1) Gossiping

Whether you are a man or woman, gossiping and spreading rumors is a bad trait to have. People will be skeptical trusting you with their secrets. Generally, in our society, gossiping is associated with women. So, when you chat about others more than anything else, it makes you look feminine.

2) Your emotions

Us men know that girls are overly emotional beings. They cry about every minor inconvenience that takes place in their life. If you do the same, women will be repulsed as a reason of your femininity. Not just women, but other men will also take note of this and may try to pick on you. Women want someone mentally and emotionally strong who at the same times acknowledges their emotions and finds solutions to their problem. It does not mean that you block all your emotions and don’t express them. It is acceptable for everyone to cry once in a while.

3) Holding grudges

We all feel betrayed when our friend crosses us or lies to us. At the time it can seem like the right thing to do to cut them off from our lives. But holding a grudge is noticeable to other people around. Just like gossiping, holding grudges is also associated with women. It is a clear sign of femininity. Instead of wasting your energy in holding a grudge, use it to further develop and build yourself as a human.

4) Taking long to get ready

Whether it be showering or getting ready for a formal occasion, if you take longer than your sister or girlfriend, it is a huge sign of being feminine. Men have to be efficient and smart with their fashion sense. Women don’t want to wait while you are getting ready. This looks feminine and to them it will look like you care more about your looks than hers.

5) Crossing your legs while you sit

This might not seem like a big deal, but how you sit says a lot about masculinity. Alpha and dominant men sit with legs wide open, taking space to show their confidence and assert dominance. We always see women sitting with their legs crossed. No doubt that it is extremely comfortable, but you will be better off if you only do that when on your own. How you sit sends a message to other people.

6) Taking too many selfies

Holding up your phone in public and taking selfies too often is a sign of femininity. It is a thing that women obsess over. Selfies are a sign that you are self-obsessed and self-centered. It makes you seem less attractive and unconfident in your skin. Take a selfie once in a while to update your social media accounts and so you don’t look boring and people know that you are alive.

7) Earrings

Society since a long time has witnessed that it is women only that wear earrings. It has not been long since men also found it fashionable to wear earrings. Although, it can look fashionable in some instances. But in the bigger picture, most people find men wearing earrings to be feminine. It is a stereotype that exists which we cannot change. Usually it is the long earrings that look most feminine. Men can choose to opt for small earrings that go well with outfits of any color.

8) Multiple rings

It is another fashion trend that is associated with women. Females of many cultures put on multiple rings on a hand. It looks unfashionable and feminine when worn by men. Although if you like wearing rings, then consider just wearing one stylish ring that can help set you apart.

9) Baking

If you are a man who likes to cook and knows their way around a kitchen, it can do many great things for you. Women love a man who knows how to cook. They prefer someone who can cook good food for them. But, when it comes to baking, most men and women find it feminine. Learn how to cook complex but famous dishes that everyone likes.

10) Oversized clothing

Any type of oversized clothing such as sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts are considered feminine by men and women around the world. Super skinny jeans are another feminine fashion trend. Instead, wear only skinny jeans and sweaters that fit you perfectly and show your masculinity. Women find it attractive when men wear clothing that highlights their physique and muscular gains.

This said, in today’s world, there is nothing wrong with doing any of the above ten things. Men of different sexual orientations might dress differently than other men. It is a person’s choice on how they want to dress or look.

Many men make such mistakes of looking feminine without knowing it. If you are a straight male, then avoid making feminine mistakes. Alpha and dominant men attract the most women. Partake in such activities that make you more masculine such as adventure sports, working out, etc. Another sign of masculinity is a high level of confidence. If you struggle with this, then a good exercise to trick your brain into being more confident is to interact with any stranger you see. It can be just good morning, or inquiring about the time.  

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