How to choose the right cologne/perfume?

Are you able to recognize some people without looking at them personally? Have you ever appreciated someone’s scent when they are around you? Because these people are committed to their Signature Scent.

Signature scent is that specific scent which gets developed by the perfume or cologne when it blends with the person’s body odour and gives out soothing fragrance. Since, every individual’s nose is different so the exact same cologne can smell different, based on the body odour. Hence, it is important to understand which fragrances suit to your body. Moreover, it covers the bad body odour for long hours. To possess their own signature scent, people choose to wear specific cologne or perfume according to their interest or mood.


The only difference lies between the two products is the concentration level of oil in the bottles :
  • Cologne has 2% to 4% of the concentration of oil, hence it is much diluted than Perfume. Cologne contains three segments: Base Notes, Heart Notes, Top Notes.
  • Top Note remains at the top layer of the liquid, just after spraying the cologne and gives out Fresh, Assertive and Sharp fragrance for some minutes.
  • Heart note: Appears after top notes evaporate and last up to an hour on the applied skin. It has a strong fragrance.
  • Base note: Appear only after 30 mins to an hour and has Rich and Heavy fragrance.
  • Perfume has a higher concentration of oils, up to 20% to 30% hence it lasts longer on the skin than the Cologne. On the other hand, Perfume has the highest concentration of oils (up to 40%) whose fragrance can last for several hours! This is also the reason for its strong scent.

However, it is a misconception that only men wear cologne and women wear perfume. You can go for whatever you like. What highly matter is which type of scent would suit your body. If the scent not chosen correctly, you may smell even worse than without the scent at all.


1) Floral

Have you ever visited a garden of roses or jasmines and you get overwhelmed by the fragrance of those flowers mixed in the air? Yes, such type of sensation is being provided by floral scent in many colognes. They are categorized as feminine and have a range of intensity.

2) Citrus

The sour and refreshing smell like those fragrances of lemon, orange, grapefruit etc comes in this category. It is slightly stronger and noticeable than the floral scent.

3) Woody

The smell of the wet barks of trees while walking through the woods. This scent is sharp and lasts long. The scent of Sandalwoods can be counted in this category.

4) Aquatic

The sensation of mists and the smell of algae and fresh sea salt is what exactly categorizes the aquatic scent. So, you should be careful before making such a significant choice for your body. Here are some key points which would help you in choosing your elusive signature scent.


The environment does affect our body odour hence, some people like to use different perfumes for different seasons. For an instance, picking some heavier scents like oriental and woody in the season of autumn and winter is usually preferred. In the season of summer, the floral, citrus and green scents would be more attractive.


When a perfume is sprayed on the skin, it spreads on the skin according to the skin’s texture so If you possess dry skin, better go for bolder scents and for oily skin, better to go for lighter scents.

Tips to analyze and wear cologne /perfume:

  • To understand a cologne deeply, smell it for at least thirty mins before buying it. You would get an idea of its notes and durability.
  • While testing the perfume, don’t spray it on a paper strip but on your skin. The fragrance is caused by the scent of the perfume which gets blended with the odour of your body.
  • Don’t smell so many perfumes or cologne at once. Too much scents would hinder your smelling sense and you may not be able to choose the brand well. Smell the coffee beans to stabilize your senses.
  • Avoid mixing different scents and using too much perfume on your body. The people around you won’t be able to handle too much scents and you may get distanced away from them.
  • Don’t spray the perfume on your clothes or hair. It will evaporate easily and its fragrance won’t last longer than it was meant to be. To avoid such waste, do apply it on your bare skin.
  • Do apply the cologne or perfume on the warm areas of your body. For example: Wrist, below the jawline, nape, behind the ears or between the elbow joints if you want more fragrance.
  • After applying the perfume, don’t rub the liquid on the skin, because it is not required. The mist can spread and diffuse in the air through the heat of the body which would generate fragrance around you, naturally.


Ever wonder about the authentic brands which are favored by most of the people? Well, Perfume, Eau de Perfume and Eau de Toilette are some scent groups which are widely discussed among the perfume-lovers. We have already talked about Perfume, now let’s try to understand rest two groups in detail:

Eau de Parfum is an intermediate concentrated French perfume whose essential oil concentration varies from 15% to 20%. Hence it is less strong than Parfum. It has overwhelming scents with moderate sillage. Despite having the high longevity, its scent doesn’t transfer to others.

Whereas, Eau de Toilette is the lightest concentrated perfume which remains on the skin for a short period of time. It consists of 4% to 15% of oil. Eau de Toilette is mostly preferred for the daytime and while going out for lunch because the smell of the perfume should not overpower the smell of the food as it will ruin the taste of the dish.


One’s signature scent does catch the people’s attention and it appeals to them as well hence, finding the right scent feels like finding your style in fashion. It’s fun to get into the details but it surely takes curiosity and patience.

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