How to Click Great Photos – The Stylish Pictures Guide

In these tough times faced by the human race, we are all locked inside our homes and are unable to do our regular activities. Making it nearly impossible for us to showcase our personalities and fashion sense. Which is why we must build on our social media accounts during this time. We must be ourselves while engaging with our social media audience. It is very crucial for us to make use of this quarantine period well to build our skills on the things that interest us. For a lot people, it is their social media accounts and their internet personas.

            To become popular or an “influencer” on social media websites, it is a must to have photos of yourself and other things which stick out to people, grabbing their interest. In order to do that, a lot of things should be kept in consideration. Poses, camera angles, style, etc.


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The outcome of the photograph heavily depends upon your pose. A good pose will make you look good as well as the photo. There are a lot of different poses you can choose from; crossed arms, side lean, back lean, stand & shift weight, lean in. When it comes to using the crossed arms pose, it is also recommended to cross your legs, ensuring that bulk of weight is on one leg. Doing so gives the photograph cohesion, relaxing your body at the same time. On the other hand, if you stand still, you will be inclined to lock your knees which might result in your photograph looking stiff. The same is also applicable for the side lean, where you put all body weight on one side, relaxing your body. Another good pose is the back lean, where you rest your back against a wall. You should also consider putting your hands in your pockets and looking away from the camera. Not only will this make you less conscious, it will also bring more attention to your cheekbones and jawline. A famous pose used by a lot of models is the leaning in pose. It is when you lean your body in towards the camera. The photograph will look best if the camera is placed just a little below the eye level. This pose makes you look more masculine and mysterious.

            It is very important to focus on what you are doing with your hands. If they are in an awkward position, the photograph can come out looking awkward as well. Make sure to either put hands in your pocket or cross them. Adding a prop helps significantly. When you have something to hold or touch, it makes the photograph look much more natural. But it is important to note that the prop has to make sense in the shot. It should not take the attention away from you. The Stand & Shift is also a great pose to make the photo look natural.

10 Ways to Take Great Photographs

1) Focus on the eye of the subject

A photograph can simulate the feeling of looking at a person in their eyes. Hold the camera lens at eye level of the person. It is not necessary for the person to stare in the camera, just being at eye level simulates an inviting and personal feeling. When photographing children, stoop down to their height.

2) Make use of flash outdoors

Bright sunshine can create unattractive facial shadows. Those shadows can be eliminated by using the flash. It will lighten their face. There is a choice of fill-flash or full-flash mode. If within five feet of the subject, use the fill-flash mode. If beyond, use the full-flash mode.

3) Move the subject away from the middle

Many of the times it is quite boring for someone to look at a photograph where the subject is dead in the middle. An easy way to bring the picture to life is to move the subject away from the middle, still making sure that it is in focus.

4) Taking vertical pictures

A lot of people are in the habit of taking pictures only horizontally. Various things look better when taken in a vertical manner. It could be a lighthouse on a cliff, someone jumping in a pool, etc. Experiment with the vertical camera every now and then.

5) Use a plain background

A plain background keeps the attention on the subject. Study the surroundings of the subject and make sure there are no distractions.

6) Move closer

Move close to the person you are photographing. It will show certain eye-catching details of the person like a freckle or their eye colour. Be aware of not going too close to the subject as it will make the picture blurry. The best distance to focus on the object is three to five feet.

7) Lock the camera focus

Whenever the subject is not in the middle of the picture, make sure to manually lock the focus on them in order to create a sharp picture. Most cameras only focus on what is in the middle of the lens.

8) Find unique perspectives

A unique and unexpected angle for a photograph is quite often what makes it special. It makes them more memorable and sometimes creates and illusion of height or depth with the subjects. They make the image stand out. Try getting your photograph taken from a very low or high angle.

9) Take more candids

Posed photos are great, but candids are far more interesting and natural looking. Candids capture the emotion and essence of the moment. A great way to take candid photographs is to take continuous shots. You will have to go through them later on and select the best one.

10) Make the subject laugh

Making the subject laugh, is also a great way to make the audience smile. People feed off of other people’s happiness. It is what makes people enjoy such photographs and makes them memorable.

To build a good reputation on social media platforms, it is important to take good photographs of yourself. Using the steps above, great pictures can be taken. Some things that should be kept in mind are the clothes you wear, your hair and your face. Keep sure to iron your clothes, fix or style your hair, and most importantly, remove any random things from your face like eye booger or any hairs. Whether the photographs be for Instagram, Facebook or Tinder, you will be good to go and will not be far from growing a following. The ten steps above are the perfect guide for clicking great photographs and making the subject look amazing.

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