How to find the right shoes for your body type

Wearing good shoes will help you to look best at all occasions and also help to prevent any injuries to your feet. The shoes you wear affects your whole body and is not just limited to your feet. The shoes you wear can even help to compliment your dressing style.

Finding the perfect shoes is really difficult at times because the first thing is to find a pair of shoes that fits you comfortably and you have no issue in moving around. Secondly the shoe you are going to buy needs to be best suited for the clothes you wear for various occasions.

 You need the pair of that contrast well with your attire and not compete with it. So, I have a few tips that help you to get a kickstart to finding the best shoe that fits you well and compliments your style.

Few tips to find the shoe that fits you and compliments your style: –

1) Always carry socks when you go shopping for a new pair of shoes

When you go out for shopping and try on new shoes, socks help the shoes to easily slide onto your feet comfortably without any fuss and also helps to protect your feet from any bacteria that was left behind by someone who wore the shoe before you.

 Try to carry the socks that you’ll be pairing with the new shoes so that the shoes fit you properly and compliment your attire. When you are going to buy athletic or hiking boots, bring along thick crew socks.  When you are trying on a dress, bring along think stockings or socks.

2) Select the shoe that fits you comfortably from the beginning

Don’t worry about the numbers that are printed on the shoe. If it feels so small, try a size larger even if it’s larger than the size you generally wear.

 Don’t assume you can break in the shoes, as many shoes start feeling comfortable as you wear them for some time but that’s not always the case. The shoes should cushion your feet below as try them on and get more comfortable from there. Since feet come in different shapes and sizes, so if a shoe is designed for different shapes than yours then it will never you properly and comfortably.

3) Coordinate your shoes with the outfit you wear

After you have determined the right style of shoes for wherever you are going, you still have got another thing to do, making sure that works well with the outfit you are wearing. It should not only work well with it but also contrast or compliment it. The shoes you are wearing are not meant to compete with your clothing but blend together and make you look more fashionable.

  Suppose if you have a pair of shoes that feature bright and bold colors you should go for an outfit with one solid color. If your shoes have sequins or sparkles avoid any sparkles in your outfit.

 Never go with all-black attire with black shoes it’ll not look good since nothing about you will stand out about your outfit.

Always try to match the season of your outfit with the shoes you are wearing. If your outfit is light go with lightweight open shoes. If you are wearing a sweater or jacket in a cold windy afternoon, go with a heavy boot.

4) Check the materials of the shoe before buying it

 Always pay close attention to the details of the shoe including the top part of the shoe, called the upper, along with the sole, tongue, insole, and the laces. Make sure that the seams feel secure and all of the materials feel durable because a shoe you are going to buy now, should last at least for a few years.

If the shoe appears flimsy, it’s won’t last long, and the way the shoes fit may change with time.

5) Make sure the sole will protect you if you step on anything sharp

 The main purpose of the shoes you are going to buy is to protect your feet. If you wear a shoe with a flimsy and thin sole and then step on something sharp like a nail or stack, you could be very badly injured.

Always make sure that sole of the show you’re buying must be sturdy and thick enough to keep anything from entering all the way through to your foot and damaging it in any way.

If you find the sole of your shoe is stitched to the support than glued it signifies it’s a shoe of high quality. If you are someone who is going to spend time near a construction site or somewhere it’s likely to contain sharp objects go for a hard-soled shoe.

6) Match the shoe to the sport if you’re buying athletic shoes

If you are a person who does athletic activity on daily basis, you should always go for athletic shoes that are designed for that sport. The difference between athletic shoes might include cushioning on different pressure points and adjustments in where the shoe flexes.

If you are not still sure what kind of shoe you need, you should visit an athletic store and ask a professional to help you to find the best shoe for your sport. It’ll give an added boost while playing since you will be comfortable while moving around. Suppose if you play football, you can have cleats that dig into field help you get a good grip while running across the field with the football, while if you play football shoes are made flexible and lightweight, while still offering ankle support.

7) Wear sandals and sneakers for casual outings

They may be not appropriate for a dressier occasion while if you are going to be running or hanging out with friends then there is nothing more comfortable than your favorite pair of sandals or sneakers.

You can wear casual tees and denim and sport it with sneakers if you are going out on a date or a get together with friends.

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