Top 10 suit mistakes every man is doing

Contrary to the usual belief, men’s clothing should always be made comfortable. There also exists a myth that business attire and dress clothes by nature are not comfortable to wear. If they are not, it’s not the nature of clothes to say its bad fit.

 A man looks best when he wears a suit that perfectly fits then and compliments the type of body structure they possess. On the other hand, it’s very important to make sure the suit is not too tight, as they will be choking and pulling at several junctions of the clothing. If it’s way too lose, it seems a man had to borrow the suit from their older brother and has to fight the extra fabric all day long.

The clothes a man wears sends a message to the world around him, and if the clothes they wear fit properly they will leave a good impression and the person will bask in self-confidence. Most men nowadays wear poor-fitting clothes and I’ll discuss ten mistakes a man makes while wearing a suit so that you next time you wear a suit you look on point.

The top ten suit mistakes that one should avoid :

1) Fastening all buttons

You look stiff if you button all your buttons of your suit jacket and always try to get rid of this habit if you have one.

Always keep the bottom button unbuttoned of your suit and it’ll give a better look and you will look friendlier and attractive.

2) Matching ties and pocket squares

Most men wear the wrong tie that doesn’t go with their suits and that’s something you should pay heed to if you won’t look handsome and attractive. Choose a shade or pattern that compliments your suit and help you to boost your attire.

Having a pocket square always helps to add a masculine charm to your suit but making it the same with your tie is a total faux-pas. Always try to avoid matching your necktie and pocket square however try to coordinate them together to help you get an alpha male look.

3) Wrong socks selections

Don’t wear socks that are too short and do not match your suit pants. So, the next time you will be wearing a suit try to coordinate your socks with the suit pants which should be long enough to expose your hairy skin while crossing your legs.

4) Understand what a suit is

It may sound simple but most men don’t understand what a suit actually means. Basically, in brief a suit can be defined as jacket and trousers of the same fabric which is meant to be worn together. It typically consists of a jacket, trousers, and sometimes a waistcoat.

Yes, you surely can intermingle jackets and trousers but that’s not a suit and never wear that combo to an occasion where a suit is required. Don’t think you’ll get away with sports jacket and trousers. No matter even if they look almost the same, it just won’t look right if it’s not made from the same fabric.

5) Always Remove Tact Stitching

This is one of the common yet easily avoided suits mistakes. Tack stitching is a long-standing tailored tradition. It signifies that your suit is prepared with care and it also prevents damage while it gets transported.

In the shoulders of the jacket, front pockets, breast pocket and vents are the plates where tact stitching is commonly applied. It is done so that it can be removed with care without damaging the material of the suit. Always use a pair of scissors or stitch remover to do this.

You shouldn’t make an excuse for removing it from the vents, then the suit will equivalent of failing to remove labels from the bottom of the shoes. It looks amateur and sloppy and your jacket won’t move with your body the way it’s actually designed to. You will be walking with about two huge white crosses on the back of your jacket which is not a good look.

6) Remove tags

Always make it a habit to remove the label tag from your suit, as the suit mistakes go this is the worst one.

You can find these labels on the bottom of one sleeve. This label is not present to show others who made your suit. 

A quality suit speaks for itself and keeping the label on is the worst suit-related mistake you can ever make. It shows how unconscionable and amateur you are and can also portray yourself as someone who intends to return the suit after wearing it for one time.

7) Buy a Suit for The Right Occasion

It is quite true that we feel every man must own a well-fitted dark suit, one should also know when to wear a suit and make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.

You might up for an interview but some interviews don’t require you to wear suits. You will also look out of place if you wear a suit to a party.

Do your research before getting ready for an occasion, understand the dress code, and always remember there is always a dress code.

8) Make Sure Your Suit Fits

Fit is the main thing about wearing a suit so make sure the suit you buy fits you well. You will always look good in a well-fitted cheap suit over a poor- fitted costly suit.

Make sure the trousers and jacket sleeves are of the right length and suit fit around your waist and shoulders. If it’s too big you’ll look like you’ve, been I’ll recently, while too small will like you’re about to burst.

9) Choose the right to build quality and fabric

A suit is just not a suit. There hundreds of different weaves, materials, and textures to select from. It would be really difficult to differentiate between a polyester suit and cashmere suits just looking at it online, however, if you’re experienced in this field, you’ll easily able to distinguish. An amateur can rely on the cost of the materials since there will be a great deal of difference between their cost.

 Always have a keen eye for build quality. Jacket lining is very important as the shell since jackets can be canvas lined or you may find a completely unlined suit. The lining can either be stitched by to shell or glued by hand or machine. All these factors contribute to the quality of the suit, the way it fits you, and longevity.

10) Choose function over fashion

There nothing had with fashion suits bit first and foremost you should always buy a suit that will last you for a decade. It is a timeless piece even after going small changes in the last fifty years. It looks classic on you and boosts your confidence.

This is a timeless style which will stay forever, trends will come and go, because there will always be new fashion suits coming out and the one you have now will have to be replaced in few years. Fashion suits are also meant for the traditional work environment, going with the classic suit will help you get along in every work environment.

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