Top 10 Things Alpha Men Never Do

Have you ever been envy of that one guy in class who is confident, intelligent and liked by everyone? He does not pay attention to what other say or think about him. He is never hesitant to go after what he wants. He is always the one calling the shots. This is what many people call an “alpha” male. According to studies, they make 70% of the senior executives in all organisations. They are natural leaders who enjoy carrying out responsibilities. Alphas are comfortable with stress in a way that non alphas can never be. They take on additional responsibilities which non-alphas would not. Ever since the beginning, when humans first appeared on this planet, there were certain men who were the leaders of their respective groups. They took control and responsibility for their fellow members. The qualities of an “alpha” male have always remained in our DNA.

            Not only are alpha men confident and enjoy responsibility, their characteristic traits enable them to live their life to the fullest. They work towards their goals in life and are not influenced by others opinions. They respond to constructive criticism and act upon them. Nowadays, it is crucial to have alpha males in organizationS who are willing to take responsibilities and actions towards achieving the company’s goals and missions. They will align the company vision with their own. Alpha males have opinions on everything which make them very valuable. They provide useful and constructive criticism. They also have a great vision and can notice whenever someone needs help in carrying out a task.

            Transforming from a “beta” into an “alpha” male is not impossible. It is fairly based upon how you decide to live by making a few changes into your lifestyle and your interaction with others. The positive change into becoming an alpha requires persistence. You will slowly start noticing yourself into becoming an “alpha” once you stop doing the following:

1) Bragging or showing off

Alpha man never have the need to show off their cars, big houses, physique, etc. They already know that they are great and do not need to show off to gain other peoples’ validation, as they have their own.

2) Need for others assurance

Alpha men have their own assurance. They do not require other people to compliment them on their looks, shoes or clothes. They are confident in their own skin.

3) Stop being overly-sensitive

In order to be more alpha, stop being extra sensitive towards criticism. Alpha men acknowledge people’s constructive criticism and keep trying to improve.

4) Bullying people

Beta males always bully or talk down on others with insecurities. They get the feeling of superiority when pushing people around. On the other hand, alpha males try to help, inspire people and make people feel better.

5) Stop apologizing all the time

Alpha males never have the need to pleasure people all the time. Stop being sorry all the time for things that are not your fault.

6) Don’t wait on life to work out

The worst thing beta males do is that they sit idle all day waiting for life to work out in their favor. That is not the case. To be an alpha, you have to take all the opportunities life throws at you and go get what you want. Whether it be approaching a girl, applying for a job, or trying a new activity. The only way to get success is to make it happen. Alpha men know that they control their own destiny.

7) Avoiding eye contact

It is important at all times to maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to. Avoiding eye contact makes you look scared and intimidated. Whereas, keeping strong eye contact makes you look confident. It shows that you are not afraid to stand up for yourself.

8) Not maintaining physical health

It is very beta like to not take care of your body and physique. Health comes before everything. Alpha male regularly workout to stay in shape. We need a strong and healthy body to have a healthy mind.

9) Not having proper posture

Rehabilitation concept. Collage of man with poor and good posture on white background

Alpha males never slouch forward or look at their feet while talking. They hold their heads high and make eye contact. Improve your posture by making it a habit to stand up straight while broadening your shoulders.

10) Being afraid to say “no”

An alpha male is never hesitant to say “no” to a favour. He will only accept if the costs and benefits are in his favor. Stop being a pushover and allow people to use you. Alpha males do not say “no” out of hatred, but are just looking out for their best interests.

            With consistency, every “beta” can transform into a confident “alpha”, using the steps above. It is incredibly crucial to remember that with being an alpha, also comes the mentality of an alpha. While becoming an alpha, take as many responsibilities as you can. They will develop your leadership qualities and help you in building your career in the future. Being an alpha will let you live life to the fullest. The confidence that comes from being an alpha will get you many opportunities in life. It is important to use it to defend people from any type of discrimination. This includes racism, sexism, commenting on people’s appearances.

            Alpha males help everyone around them and lift them up whenever they are feeling down. They do not push people around or take advantage of them. Alphas want to see everyone grow including themselves. They are very important to themselves and work towards everything they want to achieve. They focus on living a better life by being successful at their tasks. The best kind of alpha male is one who is approachable, kind and respectful towards others. They are often the bigger person in compromising situations and are considerate towards people’s feelings. An interested alpha will always be an interesting alpha.

            In conclusion, being an alpha is neither a walk in the park nor impossible. Everyone can become an alpha male by changing their lifestyle and still be liked by people around. It is important to be a kind and considerate alpha rather than someone who is arrogant and full of themselves.  

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