How to Go from Nice Guy to Alpha Bad Boy in 30 Days

            Our mother always used to tell us what a good boy we are when we listened to her. But as time goes by, being a good boy will do you more harm than good. Although, it is important to be nice to people, you should not let people walk all over you. Being a good and kind person to everyone will result in people using you.

            When it comes to attracting women, being a bad boy is important. Women naturally like dominant and confident men who have influence over others. They want someone who has a nice physique, takes care of themselves, among other things. Women are interesting creatures who are quite complex and difficult to understand. Sometimes they want emotional and sensitive men, and other times they want emotionless hunks who don’t care about them. But in the bigger picture, in the first meeting, studies prove that women are attracted towards bad boys.

            So, in order to transform from a nice guy who allows girls to walk all over him to an alpha bad boy who is harsh and blunt, you have to stay consistent and make changes in your style and mannerisms. In just 30 days, you can start noticing yourself into being more of a bad boy than you ever were.

1) Workout

Giving your body exercise and getting into better shape will not only make you more of a bad boy, but will also make you feel like a bad boy, which is extremely crucial. Once you have a muscular and toned physique, any girl that looks at you will get a confident and alpha aura from you. Remember that getting into better shape is not easy, you have to watch your nutrition, train and get enough sleep. Although this is more of a long-term goal, in just 30 days, you will develop the habit of working out and you will start noticing changes in your body that make you a bad boy.

2) Start saying “No”

You want people to know that your time is precious. If you say yes to everything like a nice guy, then people will take you and your time for granted. Bad boys often say “no” to plans when they have a busy schedule. People respect this. Use the 30 days to stop smiling whenever someone says anything and stop saying “yes” to everything. This step is crucial if you want to become a bad boy.

3) Talk slowly

Take your time whenever you are speaking and take pauses in between. Something that most nice guys usually do is speak very fast and rush through everything they say. This makes you look nervous and unassured of yourself. Bad boys on the other hand, make others nervous instead of being nervous. The pause, slow speaking and strong eye contact will make the other person feel intimidated and you will seem like a mysterious alpha man.

4) Stop saying “sorry”

In any social instance, like you bump into someone by accident or any other small incident, stop saying sorry. Every time you apologize for something that isn’t your fault, you seem more unassured and unconfident. To be more of a bad boy, you need to stop being apologetic about things you cannot control.

5) Be yourself

Nice guys that pretend to be “bad boys” around people do a very poor job. They make a fool of themselves around everyone. They act differently with everyone including their family members, friends, girls, etc. They try to accommodate and be like the people they are around to be accepted. Real bad boys do not care about what others think of them and as a result, they maintain authenticity. Being your true authentic self is what attracts women.

6) Change your hairstyle

Instead of getting your regular haircut you get every time, change things up. Grow out your hair for some time and go for a different hairstyle. This minor change will affect the way you feel about yourself. Look for different alpha hairstyles on the internet and find one that suits you. Do the same if you can grow facial hair. Try different hair and beard styles that can make you look more like a bad boy.

7) Deal with your problems

Fix the problems that are holding you back. Solve any issues which are causing you to be unhappy. Alpha and bad boys deal with the situations that are troubling them. Nice guys that hold their anger within themselves are unable to become the alpha that they can. Confront the people you have problems with and find solutions to those problems.

8) Participate more

Take part in things and activities that interest you. Experiencing more things helps us grow into a more mature person. This next step to being more alpha is crucial as it lets others know you are adventurous and mysterious. Bad boys keep trying new things in life and accept challenges that come their way.

            The secret to becoming an alpha bad boy cannot be unlocked within just 30 days. But you can figure out the path that is required within the 30 days to be a bad boy. Doing all of the above things and making them a habit throughout the following month will inhabit changes in the way people perceive you. They will start appreciating you more for who you are.

            Remember that being a bad boy is about not caring about the opinions of others. You live your own life and work hard for the things you want to excel at. It’s not that nice guys are not hard working and don’t have goals, but they give too much weight to the opinions of others. It is what stops them and acts as a barrier to achieving those goals. When we treat the critiques of others like background noise, women love it. Women are attracted towards men who are their own person and are self-reliant. Those men are ones who decide what they like, want and what they don’t.

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