Top 10 Grooming Mistakes Men Do That Women Hate

Men have been grooming themselves for a long period of time. Grooming can be first traced back to 10,000 BCE, when ancient Egyptians used scented oils to cover up their body odour and to soften their skin. They made use of almond oil, aloe vera, cedar, chamomile, olive oil, lavender, peppermint, etc. to moisturise their skin and protect it from tan. Women made use of pumice stones, beeswax and tweezers made from seashells to get rid of unwanted body hair. Men slowly started to step up their grooming when they also started getting rid of unwanted hair on their bodies and faces. They started painting their nails with sheep fat and blood. As time went by and new technology was introduced, men did everything they could to get the attention and intimacy from women.

            The attraction of woman towards you is mainly based upon how you groom yourself. How you dress and maintain yourself is key. It is crucial to keep in mind that grooming yourself regularly has to become a part of your lifestyle.

            Women consider themselves to somewhat be geniuses when it comes to grooming.  They use their expertise on themselves and their friends on a regular basis. Though, whether we like it or not, most of their grooming tips can actually be very useful for us. There is no point to get into why it is important for us men. Women love it when we put effort into how we look. Although it is important to remember that putting too much effort into your grooming makes you look like an attention seeker.

1) Overgrown finger nails

Women love keeping their nails clean and get manicures periodically. They cannot help it but to notice the fingernails on men too. Long overgrown fingernails with dirt trapped inside of them disgusts them. They find it repulsive. Trim your nails every two days and keep them short and clean.

2) Drowning yourself with cologne

Smelling good is always important. It makes you magnetic and instantly a lot more attractive. But, spraying a ton of cologne everywhere on your body will make the smell too strong and repulsive. Use it moderation and only make a few sprays.

3) Allowing your back hair to grow out

Women not only dislike long hair on most parts of our body, but they especially hate the long hairs on your back that curl out of from the back of your t-shirts. Purchase a back-hair trimmer online, or get someone to trim the hairs on your back. 

4) Picking anywhere on your body

Whether it be picking the dead skin on your back, palm or your nose, women find it disgusting. Even worse, is scratching your scrotum. It makes you look careless and is very unpleasant. Women hate this habit of men.

5) Not using body lotion

Women hate the cracks on your elbow and legs. Use moisturizer every day before heading out. Keep your skin hydrated and fresh by using a body lotion.

6)Not flossing

Flossing is an important grooming step to attract women. No one likes to see the build-up of plaque between your teeth. The plaque leads to one thing that women hate, bad breath. Start flossing more often so you don’t repel all the ladies.

7) Not trimming nose or ear hair

We all catch ourselves getting distracted by other people’s nose or ear hair. It is very unpleasant to look at especially for women. Take it down a notch by buying a nose or hair trimmer online and using them when needed.

8) Not cutting your unibrows

Women hate to see a bridge of hair connecting both of your eyebrows. Keep the area between your eyes free of hair with a trimmer.

9) Dry or chapped lips

Dry lips are always unattractive and repulsive. Use petroleum jelly or other moisturizing products to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

10) Weird beard styles

As good as “weird beard” sounds, it looks funny and as I said, weird. Women don’t want to be seen around someone who has a chinstrap beard or a weird goatee. These styles are way out of fashion. If you have a beard, keep it trimmed and neat. Or if you cannot grow a beard, shave those pre-pubescent hairs off and keep a clean face.

            Avoiding the ten mistakes above, is enough to stay well groomed and be attractive to women. The key is consistency. Do not only trim your nails or moisture your lips and body once, do them regularly. Nothing can be gained in just a day. After doing everything above, it will not be long after you start noticing changes in the way that women behave around you. They will want to stay around you and get to know you better once there is nothing that repulses them. Stay on top of your grooming and you will also notice many other changes. You will feel much better about yourself when you are looking clean and healthy. Your confidence and motivation to do other activities will be much higher.

            While it is important to stay groomed, it is as important to remember that grooming is not the only thing that will gain you the attraction from women. There are various other factors that go into it. Confidence, your ability to carry yourself, your etiquettes, etc. Take part in adventurous activities that show your courage and masculinity. They will make you mysterious to women. Don’t be hesitant to try new things in life. Treat your friends, family and everyone with respect. Stand up for yourself and others around you. Stand up for the weak and inferior. At the end of the day, it is not all about attracting women. Be a good person and focus on improving every day. Become a better person and the woman will follow. Love yourself first and only then will you be able to love someone else. Focus on your goals in life and set short goals for yourself. Groom your personality and your traits. They will be of much use later in life and allow you to pursue many opportunities. Groom yourself as a whole and you will definitely find the perfect woman.

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