Top ten hottest male body parts ranked by women

 The most important question that grazes every man’s mind is what are their body parts which women find attractive the most.

 Most men resort to the gym to get a strong and muscular body so that women find them attractive and impressive. Women turn out to be the inspiration to lose extra pounds or get some pumped-up muscle.

Women love men who have a good sense of humour and make them smile at ease. This also helps to build mental intimacy and make the two individuals comfortable in each other’s company. If you add good looks and groomed muscular body to it, women will be swept off their feet.

I’ll be discussing ten male body parts that women love the most so that after going through it, you can apply it in your life to impress the woman you like the most.

Top ten hottest male body parts ranked by women

1) Having a nice set of abs

This won’t turn out to be a surprise for most of the people that not only media love showing nice abs of particular athletes in their publications but also women drool over it.

Those who are not blessed with a nice set of abs you can hide the torso area and get away with it. Jokes apart, why this part of men’s body is appreciated by women in general?

Some of the experienced experts feel since abdomen are placed centrally and front-facing they’re right in the vision of sight, a woman’s eyes naturally get drawn there at initial glance.

Also, men who lack a nice pair of abs, often have more abdominal fat thus leading to a lesser amount of testosterone production. It directly affects in lowering of the sex drive of an individual.

2) Strong and wide shoulders

The sexual satisfaction of women is strongly complemented by the attractive nature of their partner and the breadth of their shoulders.

Men who have meek shoulders should hit the gym in no time and work on their shoulders.

Strong and wide shoulders reflect the sign of masculinity and strength.  Women love men who have a strong upper body with wide shoulders. They are fit and well maintained, who doesn’t like someone who takes care of their body.

3) Ripped Back

Women are swept off their feet my men having ripped or tapered back. Honestly, it is true muscular guys get more attention than men who are obese at first glance because muscular guys have the personality that allures women around them.

 Due to their manly body, they carry confidence wherever they go and easily draw people’s attention towards them. They always have a good first impression due to their strong body and self-confidence.

Women love men with V-shaped back as it trumps over a man’s height and accessories when it comes to natural attractiveness.

4) Men with strong arms

Men who are physically strong and have well-defined torsos with muscular arms are loved by most women.

Women feel it’s a sign that the man takes good care of their body and they love to get a glimpse of the biceps underneath their shirts.

 Even though a woman can protect themselves against all odds, a man with strong arms and a fit body will be a great addition to security.

5) A chiseled chest

Women are more attracted to men with a consistent figure and a good strong physique consisting of strong shoulders, chiseled chests, and shoulders.

It is always good to have a toned body, not brawny or muscular like a bodybuilder.  Women get more drawn to men like these because they take care of the well-being of their bodies to stay and fit and strong.

6) Your Face

This is one of the most important parts of your body that women pay attention to in the first place. Some prefer men with sharp features large eyes with thick eyelashes, sharp nose, and a strong jawline.

But it is very important to understand this is the only part of the body that a man cannot train at the gym or try to change; you’ve to leave it up to the genes.

What one can do is to maintain your face by applying face wash daily and rinsing it thoroughly so that dust and grime don’t get stuck in the beard. Groom yourself well so that it gives you an edge over others if you lack an attractive face.

7) Powerful Hands

Most women are detail-oriented with the appearance of men, and they take liking to men with strong hands.

Hands say a lot about a man, what they do for their living also how much they devote themselves to maintain and groom their body.

Bigger hands also relate to the strong masculine nature of alpha men.

8) Perfect amount of facial hair

While some women find clean-shaven men to be attractive, most women however prefer men with light stubble to well-grown beard to be more sexually appealing.

Men with a long thick dense beard tend to win over women easily due to their good grooming and hygiene practices.

Women love someone who maintains their facial hair, then letting it grow wild and shabby. It comes down to the preferences of women, but sporting a well-kept beard can serve as an advantage.

9) Well-groomed hair

One of the most attractive parts of men’s bodies is considered to be the way they style their hair. Women love men with short hair or long hair, as it differs from woman to woman.

A woman loves a guy who takes care of their hair and maintains them regularly because it speaks a lot about one’s hygiene and grooming practices.

Be it undercut or man bun, women love it all. Always try to sport a haircut that goes well with your face shape and your facial hair, because they work together.

10) Squared Jaw

Women love men with sharp jawlines. most women prefer men who have a nice jawline over the double chin.

They find it sexually appealing and it’s one of the best ways to impress most women.

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