Top 10 Accessories Every Man Should Have

In such modern times, whether we like it or not, people judge us based on our possessions. A rich man might judge the poor fruit vender for the torn t-shirt he’s wearing. Or a wealthy woman might judge the struggling lady for her cheap purse. The items we possess and put out for the world to see, are what get us the validation of our peers and even strangers.

            Attraction truly works in weird ways. Everyone’s wants and needs are different. People like different things and have different tastes. There are some basic things every man should keep on him to let him look his best. These basic items that improve our standard of living are known as “accessories”. They are defined as “an object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something.” Accessories may add colour, style or class to an outfit and help it stand out. A lot of accessories also have practical functions. For example, hair ties or hair bands. Their function is to keep hair in place and make it look neat.

            Not only do accessories make our life much easier, they also enable us to perform our everyday activities in the most efficient manner. Accessories add a new dimension to our style. A lot of you might be thinking that you already have a collection of accessories that your use in your daily life. But men need accessories that ensure we live a hassle-free life and look the best we possibly can.

Accessories Every Man Needs :

1) Watches

As times have changed, we see a lot less people wearing watches. There is no practical need for watches when we have smartphones that tell us the time without any inconvenience. But this does not change the fact that watches are classy and elegant. They make you look responsible, classy and have a drastic improvement on the outfit you are wearing. Depending on the kind of watch you get, you can wear it with any outfit, for any occasion.

2) Bracelets

A bracelet is a great way to bring out your personality and your interests. Wearing bracelets can look feminine if done wrong. You will have to choose from a variety of bracelets that will make you look manly and attractive. Purchase bracelets in different colors so you can match them with every outfit you wear.

3) Wallet

Whether you are out on a date or in any social setting, chances are that you will have to pull out your wallet at some time or another. Most men already carry wallets, but only few know how to carry them smartly. Wallets should carry your bank cards, business cards and cash. But, if you purchase a wallet that is designed to get bulky and heavy, it can ruin the impression you are trying to make on someone. Make sure to use a wallet that is compact and efficient. 

4) Cologne

Not deodorant, cologne. To stand out from the crowd and rest of the men, you need to smell remember able. Although it does sound weird, having an odour that is unique will get the attention of the prettiest lady in the room. It will make you look classy and responsible. Colognes can be expensive, so make sure to go for one that doesn’t hurt your pockets but smells great. Smelling good will not only help you with women, but people in general.

5) Rings

If you are someone who thinks rings are for women, you need to change your mindset. Fashion keeps evolving with each passing day. Rings do a great job at bringing out your personality and outfit. To find a ring that suits your personality, try out different rings. Once you get comfortable with one ring, you can then keep adding more to your fingers.

6) Earphones

Having a good pair of earphones is an essential for every man. For rigorous workouts, trips, or any other place, a great sounding pair of earphones is a necessary companion. Nowadays, anything with wires has gone out of fashion. Smartphones support wireless charging, and Bluetooth earphones are the new trend. Purchase a cool pair of earphones that help you stand out and bring convenience.

7) Necklaces

A nice pendant hanging from a chain on your neck can bring out meaning and contrast from your outfit. Necklaces are great to compliment a t-shirt or shirt you are wearing. For your first necklace, you should get one which means something to you.

8) Sunglasses

Wearing a cool pair of sunglasses on a sunny day out will not just make you look mysterious and attractive; it will also protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. When it comes to purchasing sunglasses, you should focus on finding a pair that suits your face structure well. Your sunglasses need to be in proportion with your face. They also have to go well with your style and outfit.

9) Belt

A nice belt is just like a pair of nice shoes. Women can tell if a man is attractive by the belt he wears. Not only do they provide convenience by allowing your pants to stay up, they are the mark of a good fashion sense. Having multiple belts of different colours will allow you to have a perfect match every time.

10) Cuff links

Discrete and for the serious, cuff links let people know that you mean business and will instantly take you more seriously. Cuff links will give you a professional look along with your outfit. They are a long-term investment, never go out of fashion, and you never know when you might need them. 

             The list can go on and on. We can never run out of accessories that might come to use. We should be spontaneous with purchasing accessories. Technology is fast moving and new things are invented with each passing day. You will be able to stand out from the crowd and look more attractive. Accessories are a part of our lives that bring importance and sophistication we don’t realise.

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